MG.Social Stats for August, 2021

Hello everyone, it’s MateoXRP with MG.Social!

Today we are going to look at MG.Social’s statistics and analytics to measure our progress for the month of August, 2021.

During the month of August we crossed 300 user accounts created on MG.Social.

To celebrate we are running a promotion involving the distribution of MGS utility tokens.

In previous blogs we have discussed the launch of our MGS utility token on the XRPL, which we are using as a reward for engagement with the MG.Social platform. We have multiple live use cases for MGS (tipping, governance voting, decentralized posting) with more in development.

The promotion we have launched is to do a one-time distribution of 300 MGS utility tokens to those with an XRPL wallet activated on or before September, 1 2021 that have completed two steps:

  1. Set a trust line to the MGS token.
  2. Created a posting on MG.Social or PS.MG.Social containing the #MGS300 hashtag.

The deadline to create participate and create an #MGS300 posting is 11:59 pm September 30th, 2021 Pacific Time. For more information refer to our blog post.

Let’s see how we did for the 8th month of 2021.

MGS Utility Token Statistics

Trust Lines: 8985 (Rank: 26)
Price (per XRP): 0.023809968
MAX supply: 100,000,000
Circulating supply: 1,391,325
DEX Offers: 58

Running the #MGS300 one-time distribution has caused an explosion of trust lines being added for the MGS utility token, going from roughly 80 during our initial test distribution to just under 9000.

The high level of participation in the distribution has lead to nearly 1.4 million MGS tokens being distributed to the community so far. This has in turn lead to growth in nearly all other metrics for MG.Social as well.

MG.Social Web Monetization Revenue

For the month of August we had 114 interledger payments received to our MG.Social wallets for a total of 11.705789 XRP or $14.98 (at a current market price of $1.28/XRP).

Xumm Tipping

The total amount of Xumm tips that have been sent by MG.Social users on the platform at the time of writing is 1230.24746 XRP, up from 1202.54646 XRP in July (+27.7 XRP or $35.46).

New Users

Running the #MGS300 promotion caused a sharp increase in user accounts being created with a total of 387 new user accounts being created in August alone, and another 176 in only the first few days of September bringing us to a total of 846.

Although many of the accounts are surely joining merely to receive the one-time distribution, we are still excited to see so many new users get exposed to the MG.Social platform and the potential of the web monetization standard.

Mobile Analytics

So far we have had our mobile app downloaded and installed on close to 300 devices.

iOS – 215 download (up from 125) from the Apple App store.

Android – 76 active device (up from 42) reported in Google Play.

Web Analytics

Our web analytics currently do not account for traffic generated from our mobile app, only from visits to the web version of MG.Social. We expect traffic to increase with the launch of our new, completely redesigned web app later this year.

Total visits: 3378 (up from 835)

Pageviews: 11,027 (up from 3,327)

Unique pageviews: 6,114 (up from 2,024)

Device Type

Smartphone: 53% (up from 20% in July)

Desktop: 41% (down from 79% in July)


Mobile Safari: 28% (up from 10%)

Chrome: 25% (down from 50%)

Other: 20% (up from 10%)

Firefox: 7% (down from 22%)

Mobile Safari: 10% (down from 20%)

Chrome Mobile: 15% (up from 5%)

Kakao Talk: 5%

Operating Systems

Windows 10: 26% (down from 39%)

iOS 14.7: 23%

Android 11: 14%

Mac 10.15: 10% (down from 35%)

Android 10: 7%

Other: 20% (up from 9%)

Top 5 Countries

Our top 5 countries for MG.Social usage for the month were:

  1. United States: 1,136 visits.
  2. Japan: 495 visits.
  3. South Korea: 332 visits.
  4. United Kingdom: 186 visits.
  5. Germany: 144 visits.

Note: All web statistics are anonymous and provided for information purposes only. There is no advertising on MG.Social and user data will never be sold to a 3rd party.

Social Network Presence

Twitter: 2,434 followers (up from 823)

Cinnamon.Video: 103 followers (up from 101)

Thank you for checking out how we did the past month!

We look forward to further growth for September as our #MGS300 distribution comes to a close and our daily MGS distributions start back up in October.

Until next time, take care!

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Nice project. I’ll be following your growth on social platform as well as keeping an eye on your blog to see how to see how the project develops. Great work 👏

Even if most new users are logging on just to collect the 300 MGS airdropped token, that’s still an incredible takeup rate. Is every new user also a Coil subscriber? If so, that’s incredible!

The current MG.Social web app provides a grace period for unpaid Coil subscribers. The new MG.Social web app, like the mobile app, requires a paid subscription in order to login at all.

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