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Daily MGS utility token rewards in October, 2021

Hello everyone, it’s MateoXRP with MG.Social. Today we are announcing the return of MGS utility token rewards for daily interaction with the MG.Social network during the month of October, 2021.

To find out how to participate continue reading below.


MG.Social Stats for August, 2021

Hello everyone, it’s MateoXRP with MG.Social!

Today we are going to look at MG.Social’s statistics and analytics to measure our progress for the month of August, 2021.

During the month of August we crossed 300 user accounts created on MG.Social.

To celebrate we are running a promotion involving the distribution of MGS utility tokens.

In previous blogs we have discussed the launch of our MGS utility token on the XRPL, which we are using as a reward for engagement with the MG.Social platform. We have multiple live use cases for MGS (tipping, governance voting, decentralized posting) with more in development.

The promotion we have launched is to do a one-time distribution of 300 MGS utility tokens to those with an XRPL wallet activated on or before September, 1 2021 that have completed two steps:

  1. Set a trust line to the MGS token.
  2. Created a posting on MG.Social or PS.MG.Social containing the #MGS300 hashtag.

The deadline to create participate and create an #MGS300 posting is 11:59 pm September 30th, 2021 Pacific Time. For more information refer to our blog post.

Let’s see how we did for the 8th month of 2021.