MGS Utility Token: One-time distribution #MGS300

Hello everyone, it’s MateoXRP with MG.Social. In the month of August for 2021 we have crossed over 300 user accounts created on MG.Social!

To celebrate, from now until 9/30/21 11:59 PM PST September 16th, 2021 we are going to run a one-time distribution of MGS utility tokens.

Any XRPL account activated on or before 9/01/21 that has a trust line to the MGS utility token is eligible to participate and claim 300 MGS.

How to participate:

  1. Agree to the MGS terms and set a trust line to the MGS utlity token from an XRPL account activated on or before Sept 01, 2021
    ***XRPL accounts activated after Sept 1 do not qualify and we cannot guarantee a distribution, trust line can be set after Sept 1***
  2. Create a post on either MG.Social (Coil subscription required) or PS.MG.Social (.01 XRP or 1 MGS fee to post) that includes the #MGS300 hashtag.
    Note: Although not required its nice to add more to your post than just the hashtag!
    • If posting to MG.Social, make sure to add an XRPL address with an MGS trust line in your MG.Social account settings.
    • If posting to PS.MG.Social, make sure to post from an account with an MGS trust line.

Note: Only one post with the #MGS300 hashtag is needed. Creating multiple posts will NOT result in additional distributions. There will be only one 300 MGS distribution for each participating XRPL account that qualifies. It may take us a day or more to process your distribution, please be patient. If you remove the MGS trust line before we distribute to you we will not be able to send your tokens.

If anybody posted to http://PS.MG.Social to participate in #MGS300 and used an address that does not qualify (Activated after Sept. 1, 2021) you can feel free to contact us through the methods below and we can send back your posting fee.

As stated above, the distribution will conclude September, 17th 2021 at 12:00 AM Pacific time. Your #MGS300 post must be created before this time to be eligible for the one-time distribution.

After the one-time #MGS300 distribution completes, daily MGS rewards will be starting back up for MG.Social on October 1, 2021. Anyone who does not have an XRPL account activated Sept. 1, 2021 or prior can participate in the daily MGS reward in October.

MGS Current and Future Use Cases:

Any questions please reach out to us at MG.Social, on Twitter or by email at

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First add the trust line to that address you will use. Then, post with the #MGS300 hashtag on either MG.Social (Coil subscription required) or at PS.MG.Social (.01 XRP fee required to post, Xumm required).

300 MGS tokens will then be distributed to the address used.

Use your phone to work your Xumm apt/scanner, and separately use a laptop or computer to fill out the MGsocial page. If you try to do it all on your phone, and keep hitting create post, nothing will happen. I spent hours and alot of micro xrp transactions before I figured this out.

I dont have xumm account but i do have xrptoolkit account along with other airdrop coins ..will this have airdrop for xrptoolkit ?

Need help, when I click sign in on social it takes me to XUMM then has me sign in and says it will redirect me back to MGS home page after sign in but it doesnโ€™t so wonโ€™t let me post

I added #MGS trustline august 26 , never get the airdrop. But thanks to the #MGS300 tip they give me +20 #MGS

Hi, have set the Trustline for MGS on 4-Sept (8pm NZT). Have also posted on Public Square Social for this account rMLqb81pxg4o8vUMEmj6e9pZiRvpQ1kzzi. However, still havent received an airdrop. Did i miss a step? Please help to advice. Thanks.

To qualify the XRPL account must have been activated on or before September 1, 2021. Do you have a qualifying address? Any address that doesn’t qualify for MGS300 will be able to earn daily MGS rewards by posting to MG.Social starting October 1st.

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