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MG.Social Stats for June and July, 2021

Hello everyone it’s MateoXRP with MG.Social.

Today we are going to look at MG.Social’s statistics and analytics to measure our progress for the months of June and July, 2021.

Our first MGS utility token distribution took place in July, when 32,000 MGS were distributed to the community as a reward for daily engagement on the MG.Social platform.

MGS is a token on the XRPL. Our first MGS use case, as detailed in our previous blog, is for MG.Social governance voting. We have additional MGS use cases planned that will be launching this year and into 2022.

Please support our work by making sure to purchase an active Coil subscription. Sign up here.

Let’s see how we did for the 6th and 7th months of 2021.

MG.Social Web Monetization Revenue

For the month of June, 2021 there were 86 ILP payments generated to the MG.Social payment pointer for a total of 10.448054 XRP. We also received a Cinnamon boost of 125.504726 XRP. Unfortunately the Cinnamon boosting program is coming to an end.

For the Month of July, 2021 there were 136 ILP payments generated to the MG.Social payment pointer for a total of 38.613991 XRP.

Even with only around 30 total participants, the MGS utility token distribution program in July clearly had a big impact on the web monetization revenue generated to the MG.Social payment pointer, and likely to those payment pointers of the creators utilizing the platform.

We will be looking to increase participation as much as possible when we launch our second MGS utility token distribution in October, 2021.

Total Coil revenue for all MG.Social creators currently stands at 673.825048463 XRP, up from 457.000661352 XRP in May.

Xumm Tipping:

The total amount of Xumm tips that have been sent by MG.Social users on the platform at the time of writing is 1202.54646 XRP up from 1056.821 XRP in May.

New Users:

We had 19 new users join MG.Social in June and another 23 in July bringing the total number of user accounts to 283. We look forward to crossing the 300 account mark, hopefully in August. Our goal is to reach 500 user accounts by the end of this year.

Mobile Analytics

So far we have had our mobile app downloaded and installed on over 100 devices.

iOS – 125 downloads (up from 91) from the Apple App store.

Android – 42 active devices (up from 33) reported in Google Play.

Web Analytics

Our web analytics currently do not account for traffic generated from our mobile app, only from visits to the web version of MG.Social. We expect traffic to increase with the launch of our new, completely redesigned web app later this year.

Total visits:

June: 591 (down from 687 in May)
July: 835


June: 1845 (down from 2358 in May)
July: 3327

Unique pageviews:

June: 1143 (down from 1393 in May)
July: 2024

Device Type

Desktop: 79% (up from 59% in May)

Mobile: 20% (down from 36% in May)

These numbers make sense. As more people move to using the MG.Social mobile app, the mobile browser usage should decrease.


Chrome: 50% (up from 31%)

Firefox: 22% (up from 20%)

Mobile Safari: 10% (down from 20%)

Chrome Mobile: 5%

Safari: 4%

Other: 10% (down from 14%)

Operating Systems

Windows 10: 39% (unchanged)

Mac 10.15: 35% (up from 14%)

iOS 14.6: 11% (down from 25%)

GNU/Linux: 4%

Android 11: 3%

Other: 9% (down from 17%)

Top 5 Countries

Our top 5 countries for MG.Social usage for the month were:

1. United States: 709 visits.

2. Germany: 296 visits.

3. Canada: 104 visits.

4. United Kingdom: 52 visits.

5. South Korea: 34 visits.

Note: All web statistics are anonymous and provided for information purposes only. There is no advertising on MG.Social and user data will never be sold to a 3rd party.

Social Network Presence

Twitter: 823 followers (up from 722)

Cinnamon.Video: 101 followers (up from 97)

Thank you for checking out how we did the past couple months!

July was big for MG.Social but August will be a big month as well. Our first governance vote concludes 8/7/21. We also have a new web app that uses MGS we will be launching this month.

We look forward to making further communications about all the things we have in the works. Until next time, take care!

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