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MG.Social First Community Governance Vote

MG.Social users that are participating in the first MGS utility token distribution can use their MGS utility tokens to vote in the first MG.Social community governance vote.

Our first vote will decide the next XRPL token that will be integrated for tips on MG.Social postings. The available options are CasinoCoin (CSC), Sologenic (SOLO), Bitstamp IOUs, Gatehub IOUs or no further additions.

All MGS utility tokens used for the first governance vote will be locked up until the conclusion of the vote on August 8th, 2021. Then will be released back to the sender after the vote has concluded.

What you will need to vote:

  • A desktop/laptop computer with a web browser and internet connection AND
  • A mobile device with Xumm installed and an active wallet with some MGS utility tokens.

Location of ballot:

or through IPFS:

Verify the ballot: to ensure your ballot has not been modified you can perform the following steps. If you are confident with you ballot move on to the vote section below.

  1. Save a copy of your ballot to your desktop.
  2. Use a hash program to determine the hash value of the ballot:
  3. Compare the hash information to what is listed below. Ensure the values match the following:

1793 Bytes
MD5: 88335C66CFF0EBA41E0208E0D7AE1B57
SHA1: 8732F273C4AAA0B9D807C298822424D0B9672194
SHA256: 99E5BADAC97299C8C5889DAA692A4FD95BCFC23057EDCE434B211AAA4746C668

A permanent record of the ballot hash information has been saved to the XRPL:


  1. From your desktop/laptop computer visit
  2. Select the option that you want to vote for.
  3. Open Xumm on your mobile device and scan the displayed QR code.
  4. In the ‘Send’ screen under ‘Token’ select ‘MGS’
  5. Under ‘Amount’ set the amount of MGS tokens you wish to vote, then ‘Next.’
  6. Confirm the recipient then select next. Then slide to confirm the transaction.

Results of the governance vote can be found here:

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