MG.Social Stats for May 2021

Hello everyone! It’s MateoXRP with MG.Social. Since the Coil blogs are moving to Write.As these posting will now be made at our new WordPress based blogging platform: Blogs.MG.Social.

We are providing these web-monetized blogs to our MG.Social users at no extra charge. Any MG.Social users that would like an account feel free to send me a message on MG.Social to request one.

Today we are going to look at our statistics and analytics to measure our progress for the month of May, 2021.

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Let’s see how we did in the 5th month of 2021.

MG.Social Web Monetization Revenue

For the month of May, 2021 there were 69 ILP payments generated to the MG.Social payment pointer for a total of 5.075871 XRP ($4.81 at $0.94725/XRP). Total Coil revenue for all MG.Social users currently stands at 457.000661352 XRP.

Xumm Tipping:

The total amount of Xumm tips that have been sent by MG.Social users on the platform at the time of writing is 1056.821 XRP, an increase of 64.92 XRP since April.

New Users:

We had 30 new Coil subscribers sign up for MG.Social in May bringing our total number of user accounts to 242. Outside of last month (when our mobile app released) this is the most users we have gained in a single month!

Mobile Analytics

So far we have had our mobile app downloaded and installed on over 100 devices.

iOS – 91 (+22) downloads from the Apple App store.

Android – 33(+0) downloads from the Google Play store.nn

Web Analytics

Our web analytics currently do not account for traffic generated from our mobile app, only from visits to the MG.Social. Traffic to the web app is down but we expect this to increase with the launch of our new, completely redesigned web app later this year.

Total visits: 687 (-230)

Pageviews: 2358 (-1621)

Unique pageviews: 1393 (-732)nn

Device Type

Desktop: 59%

Mobile: 36%


Chrome: 31%

Firefox: 20%

Mobile Safari: 20%

Facebook: 9%

Other: 14

Operating Systems

Windows 10: 39%

iOS 14: 25%

Mac 10.15: 14%

Android 10: 5%

Other: 17%

Top 5 Countries

Our top 5 countries for MG.Social usage for the month were:

1. United States: 346 visits.

2. United Kingdom: 63 visits.

3. Luxembourg: 49 visits.

4. Canada: 42 visits.

5. Russia: 20 visits.

Note: All web statistics are anonymous and provided for information purposes only. There is no advertising on MG.Social and user data will never be sold to a 3rd party.

Social Network Presence

Twitter: 722 followers up from 653 (+176)

Cinnamon.Video: 97 followers, up from 94 (+3)

Coil: 63 followers, up from 57 (+6).

Thank you for checking out how we did the past month. We will see you next time at the new location of our self-hosted blog. Until then take care!

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