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MG.Social First Community Governance Vote

MG.Social users that are participating in the first MGS utility token distribution can use their MGS utility tokens to vote in the first MG.Social community governance vote.

Our first vote will decide the next XRPL token that will be integrated for tips on MG.Social postings. The available options are CasinoCoin (CSC), Sologenic (SOLO), Bitstamp IOUs, Gatehub IOUs or no further additions.

All MGS utility tokens used for the first governance vote will be locked up until the conclusion of the vote on August 8th, 2021. Then will be released back to the sender after the vote has concluded.


MG.Social Blogs are Live!

Welcome to MG.Social’s new home for web-monetized, long-form blogging. We will now be posting updates about the MG.Social platform here at Blogs.MG.Social, we will also now offer free blog accounts to our MG.Social users. To request access please contact MateoXRP on MG.Social.

We look forward to making further announcements about the progress being made on our 2021 roadmap for MG.Social!


MG.Social Stats for May 2021

Hello everyone! It’s MateoXRP with MG.Social. Since the Coil blogs are moving to Write.As these posting will now be made at our new WordPress based blogging platform: Blogs.MG.Social.

We are providing these web-monetized blogs to our MG.Social users at no extra charge. Any MG.Social users that would like an account feel free to send me a message on MG.Social to request one.

Today we are going to look at our statistics and analytics to measure our progress for the month of May, 2021.

Please support our work by making sure to purchase an active Coil subscription. Sign up here.

Let’s see how we did in the 5th month of 2021.


MG.Social Stats for March & April, 2021

Hello everyone it’s MateoXRP with MG.Social.

We were so hard at work on the MG.Social mobile app release (available now for iOS and Android!) that we did not release our statistics for March. So today we are going to look at our statistics and analytics to measure our progress for both the months of March and April, 2021.

Let’s see how we did in the third and fourth months of 2021!

State of the Network

MG.Social State of the Network Episode 18: Mobile App Launch!

In this MG.Social State of the Network video on Cinnamon.Video we discuss:

  1. The launch of the MG.Social mobile app for iOS and Android with continued bug fixes and new features.

  2. Our forthcoming new web interface.

  3. A newly created MGS token on the XRPL that we plan to eventually use for community governance.

  4. Our upcoming appearance on the XRP Community Clubhouse 4/23/21 8pm EST.

Mobile App

MG.Social mobile app: How to get started.

Hello everyone, this is MateoXRP with MG.Social. We are very proud to announce that our MG.Social mobile app has been accepted into the Apple iOS app store and Google Play store.

If you do not already know, MG.Social is an ad-free, web monetized social network that rewards creators for their content contributions: